Digitalisation Solutions for Interior Design and Renovation Business

Easy to use
Cloud-based Solution

Save More Than 70%
of Your Operation and Admin Time

Respond Faster
to Incoming Leads & Enquiries with Smart Integrations

Increase Your Productivity
with E-Quotation, E-Contract, E-Invoices, E-Supplier Invoices Workflow

Simplify Your Finance Works
with Integrated Full Set Accounting

Up to 80% funding support
through the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Key Features

Sales Leads Automation
Centralised platform to see and track sales leads from all your sources 


Quotation Templates
Build and share templates for sales to generate quotation within seconds

Commission Automation
Auto calculate individual, shared or overriding commissions from GPM of each project 

Paperless Signing
E-signing of Quotation/Contract/Forms without the need to print out

Automated Progressive Payment Milestones
Auto breakdown of payment amount based on milestones. Integrated with Billing/Payment

One-Stop Project Tracking
Centralised management of all project related activities, forms and finance related workflows

Supplier / Sub-Con Management
Integrated recording of supplier's / sub-con's invoices for each project

 Integrated Full Set Accounting
Designed to support ID Industry – e.g. Supplier rebates/discount, AP Invoice variations

 Real-Time Dashboard
Customised Management & Sales Dashboards to track desired KPIs in real-time

Free Consultation

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