Salon Management 

AQ Salon Management is a powerful and yet easy-to-use salon application designed to address the day-to-day needs of Beauty, Hair, Manicure/Pedicure and Spa businesses. It provides a centralized platform for all staff to use and manage customer relationships, appointments, services and product sales, promotion packages, billing and payment as well as stock inventory tracking.
Simple Usage


Each feature in AQ Salon Management is designed to be simple. It has been validated with different groups of users and even the non-IT savvy users have found our application simple and straightforward. Easy to learn, easy to use, and even existing staff is able to teach the new staff how to use. No user manual required.
Smart Usage


With all operations centered and consolidated within one secured and supported system, AQ Salon Management extend the more functionalities to allow the management to more effectively monitor business performance and compute sales commissions with ease.

Our Key Features


Smart and Pretty Appointment
Works on any devices like mobile phones or tablets. Colour-coded appointment status for easy check and follow up. Important details like customer’s birthday are displayed for ease of reference and helps you provide better customer experience.


Smart Package
Package your promotion with products, services or both. Allow customers to share sessions with their relatives or friends, and let the application take care of the sharing and tracking smartly. Auto reminder to customer to use their package before expiry.

Staff Commission
Multi-tier structure to help you drive both personal and team commitment. Flexible configuration and setting that can be easily modified over time to improve and fine-tune based on your preferred business model.

Stock Inventory
Integrated module to automate the stock-in and stock-out tracking. Save time with mobile barcode scanner to improve the accuracy and productivity of stock take. Smart interface to show stock movement history anytime and anywhere.


Integrated Staff Attendance
Integrated module to facilitate the clocking in and out by staff. Smart logic to ensure accuracy of staff attendance and timeliness.

Onsite /Offsite Staff Access
Unique solution to allow staff to access the system only within premise. Eliminate any concerns or worries about compromising customer or business data.  Smart logic to allow only the bosses or designated accounts to have the offsite access.

PDPA Compliance
Making sure that you protect your business as well as protecting your customer data. We help you to build in the template to ensure your customers’ consents are obtained and captured.

 Data Analytics and Management Dashboards
Real-time data visualisations, aggregated data analysis and trending to help you connect the dots, monitor and make informed decisions to optimize resources and fine-tune your operations.

 Secured Cloud-based Hosting
The safest, easiest and cost effective option. Each customer will have your dedicated database that is secured and backup routinely. Recovery services will ensure no or minimal disruptions to business continuity. We have your back so you can focus on making your business/operations great.

Free Consultation

Contact us to find out more. No worries whether you already have a legacy system or you are starting fresh. We will be able to advise you accordingly and let you decide the most suitable course of action.