Student Management 

AQ Student Management is a purpose-built application designed to transform the user’s experience in student management business and operations. Build on the latest web technology and platform, AQ student management is a securely hosted cloud-based solutions, which allows authorized users to access it at anytime, anywhere and on any devices.
Simple to Use


Each feature in AQ Student Management is designed to be simple and smart. It has been validated with different groups of users and even the users with low levels of IT proficiency have found our application easy to use. The user manual was not needed.
Smart to Use


It is simple and smart to the users, simply because we took care of the complex stuff at backstage. Strong business logics were developed to ensure data accuracy, billing accuracy, seamless reconciliation with Interbank GIRO, timely email notifications, accounting interfacing, flexible reporting etc.

Student Profile Management

It is more than the simple capturing of personal data. We went the extra miles to make it easy to identify family relations including siblings studying under the same organization. The parents have the flexibility of choice to consolidate billing or not.

Course/Event Management

Besides the usual setting and managing of courses/classes, you can also create ad-hoc single event and set up to register and bill participants with absolute ease.

Interbank GIRO automation

Automation to support smooth batch upload. 1-2-3 mouse clicks billing reconciliation with bank result file and auto penalty billing, if you decide to. You probably have to own the banks to have it any simpler than this.


Daily Collections and Automated Closing

Easy visualization of the various mode of collections in all your centres. Automated closing to ensure accuracy of daily takings and there is a cool way of knowing your staff have bank in the collections.


Budgeting and Purchasing Management

This will help you setup and manage your centre budget with ease. If you ever wish to implement some form of workflows to request and approve purchases, you will love the usefulness of this feature


Subsidy/Grant Management

If you are managing this, then you should be familiar with the numerous possible scenarios on how subsidies, such as that of working mother’s claim could get very complicated when it is not claimed via the expected approach. You need to see how our application will have these sorted and tidied up.


Longitudinal Student Performance Management

Our education landscape is constantly evolving and so is the need for tracking and benchmarking your student and cohort performance over time. Engage the parents and students with a common platform.

Data Analytics and Management Dashboards

Real-time data visualisations, aggregated data analysis and trending to help you connect the dots, monitor and make informed decisions to optimize resources and fine-tune your operations.


Secured Cloud-based Hosting

The safest, easiest and cost effective option. Each customer will have your dedicated database that is secured and backup routinely. Recovery services will ensure no or minimal disruptions to business continuity. We have your back so you can focus on making your business/operations great.

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