Agency Management 

AQ Agency Management is a total Biz-Tech solution to completely address the multi-dimensional needs of employment agencies. In addition to meeting the usual run-of-the-mill business needs, strong integration between customer management, demand-supply matching, process management and speed of issue resolutions plays a core role in this total solution’s DNA.  This is one central platform to engage all your stakeholders on and to provide you with actionable data for informed and decisive business actions.  Here are some of the unique features.
Simple Usage


Each feature in AQ Agency Management is designed to be simple. It has been validated with different groups of users and even the non-IT savvy users have found our application simple and straightforward. Easy to learn, easy to use, and even existing staff is able to teach the new staff how to use. No user manual required.
Smart Usage


With all operations centered and consolidated within one secured and supported system, AQ Agency Management extend the more functionalities to allow the management to more effectively monitor business performance and compute sales commissions with ease.

Our Key Features


Enhanced CRM
Respond to customer with smartness and efficiency with tightly integrated modules to allow fast information visualisation. Option to integrate with existing IP telephony to establish seamless workflow and communication efficiency.


Work Flow Automation
Optimise your resources with built-in logics to automate processes and trigger reminders. Improve customer experience with timely and relevant information. Ensure outstanding matters are followed up by staff. Centrally monitor activities/tasks through management dashboard.

Document Repository
Filing and searching made easy with document tagging to specific customers to facilitate easy search and reference over time. Smart monitoring of critical documentation to ensure process compliance.

Daily Collections and Automated Closing
Easy visualisation of the various mode of collections in all your centres. Automated daily closing to ensure accuracy in daily takings. Monitor and manage all collections with one central view.

Role-based access for different suppliers to upload and manage source data. Uploaded or amended data can be published at user’s portal for real time information update and data management.

Matching and Allocation
Flexibility to configure a fair resource bidding and allocation system amongst different branches/staff groupings. Optimise demand-supply matching effectively for stronger sales enablement.

Onsite /Offsite Staff Access
Unique solution to allow staff to access the system only within premise. Eliminate any concerns or worries about compromising customer or business data.  Smart logic to allow only the bosses or designated accounts to have the offsite access.

 Data Analytics and Management Dashboards
Real-time data visualisations, aggregated data analysis and trending to help you connect the dots, monitor and make informed decisions to optimize resources and fine-tune your operations.

 Secured Cloud-based Hosting
The safest, easiest and cost effective option. Each customer will have your dedicated database that is secured and backup routinely. Recovery services will ensure no or minimal disruptions to business continuity. We have your back so you can focus on making your business/operations great.

Free Consultation

Contact us to find out more. No worries whether you already have a legacy system or you are starting fresh. We will be able to advise you accordingly and let you decide the most suitable course of action.